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Fahrenheit 451


Murder on the Orient Express


Surviving the Applewhites

S. Tolan

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I have never been good about pre-reading books my child wants to read and, instead, relied on the advice of friends. I now have a more specific resource to check out. I love the fact that FOF is very specific when it comes to listing questionable material, including paraphrases or even quotes from the books. I have gotten into the habit of going on the FOF website and checking out books that I have read in the past and that my third grader has read. Now that I know about FOF I am glad there is a resource to check out books that my child may be interested in, or may be assigned as he continues on in school. I have told many people about the FOF website and they are all interested and want to write down the web address! What a great resource for parents who may not have the time to read a book for evaluation purposes. At least it's a place to start!

Holly Gibbs
Helena, AL

Thank you! Thank you! This is what I have been in need of before getting books for my children. We homeschool so I passed this along to other homeschoolers as well.


I found the link to your site on today and I was SO excited! When we moved our kids to public school two years ago, I suddenly realized that I couldn't just blindly trust every book that they brought home, but, as a mother of six, I wasn't finding the time to keep up with all of the books they wanted to read! I searched online and asked homeschooling friends if there was a trustworthy site that reviewed books, but no one knew of one. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have found your site!

Thank you thank you thank you!!
Kristi Miller
Lancaster, PA

When my son was in kindergarten he was reading at a second grade level. It was sometimes difficult to find books which would challenge him academically, yet were not too socially or emotionally mature for him. My husband and I began to search for lists of good children's books on the Internet which would be appropriate, but soon found that other people's definition of appropriate differed widely from our own. By the time he was in second grade and reading at a fourth grade level, this became even more of a challenge, as many fourth grade books dealt with topics we were not ready to introduce to him. We could not review every book out there ourselves, but were unwilling to trust any book we had not previewed first. We were overjoyed to find Facts on Fiction! Now we have a source to go to when we need information on a book he would like to read, or that we would like to read to him. With only a few clicks of our mouse, we have access to all objectionable content the book may include and we can more easily and confidently select books for him which we deem to be appropriate.

Laurie Gibbons
Huntsville, AL