Rotater 1

Fahrenheit 451


Murder on the Orient Express


Surviving the Applewhites

S. Tolan

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Become A Reviewer

If you are interested in becoming a Facts on Fiction Reviewer, please send your request to Upon receiving your request we will email you more information about the review process. You will be asked to perform a review on a sample book to help us determine if you understand what we are looking for in a reviewer.

You will be rating books in the following categories:

  • Positive Elements
  • Mature Subject Matter
  • Profanity/Language
  • Sex/nudity
  • Violence
  • Alcohol/Drugs
  • Disrespectful/Bad Attitude

Before reading the book:

  1. Read over the rating scale which will be provided to familiarize yourself with the categories you will be rating as you read.
  2. Get supplies to aide in marking the occurrences as you observe them.
  3. Keep in mind that you are reporting facts and not opinions.

While reading the book:

  1. Mark page numbers with items of interest using a pen, pencil or post it notes.
  2. Refer to the book when completing the review.
  3. Provide as many details and page numbers as possible.

After reading the book:

  1. Fill out the rating scale sheet on-line by doing the following:

Thank you for your interest in Facts on Fiction.

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