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Junie B. Jones and The Stupid Smelly Bus

Junie B. Jones and The Stupid Smelly Bus Author Barbara Park
Publisher Random House
ISBN 0679826424
Publication Year 1992
Reading Level 2.9
Main Character Age 5
Main Character is Human
Summary (Publisher"s Summary)
Remember when it was scary to go to school? 'Cause it was your first day and you didn't know anything. Meet Junie B. Jones, kindergartner. She's so scared of the school bus and the meanies on it that when it's time to go home, she doesn't.

Subject Matter Summaries

Summary Details For Positive Elements:

The entire book is about the effort to teach kindergartener Junie B. respect, patience, and self control. p.4, 12, 27, 36, 65 The adults in Junie B.'s life display great patience toward her antics. p.62 The janitor "didn't look so grouchy anymore" when Junie B. starts to cry. p.64 Rather than immediately scolding her for hiding, "Mother bended down and hugged me very tight!"

Summary Details For Mature Subject Matter:

There is no mature subject matter in the book.

Summary Details For Profanity/Language:

DEGRADING COMMENTS Stupid p.6, 17, 23, 54, 67 "stupid bus" "stupid chair" "stupid job" Dumb p.22, 44, 57-58 "HEY! WATCH IT YOU DUMB JIM!" "dumb chalk" "dumb locking" "dumb thing was locked...STUPID, STUPID DOORS!"

Summary Details For Sexual Content:

There is no sexual content in the book.

Summary Details For Violence/Illegal Activity:

MISDEMEANOR p.41-42 After everyone leaves, Junie B. goes through her teacher’s desk and plays with her supplies. p.46-48 Junie B. hides in the media center and ruins the electric pencil sharpener by sharpening crayons. p.49-55 She goes to the nurse's office and plays with her supplies. p.56 Junie B. likes "running inside the school." p.57 She "kicked" the door when it wouldn't open. p.58 She calls 911 when she can't get into the bathroom. FRIGHTENING SCENES p.4 Junie B. says the devil horns on her cap are supposed to be scary. p.5 Junie B. feels "scary inside" because she's never "rided" on a bus. p.9 Junie B. "stayed scared about the bus for a whole week and felt sickish about it." p.10 She "worried very much" about riding the bus and her "stomach was squeezy." p.14 Junie B. thinks the bus door "will cut you in half" if it closes on you. p.17, 68 Her "eyes get a little bit wet" because of the "meanies" on the bus. p.19 While trying to get off the bus, "people started squishing me real tight", and Junie B. falls down and is stepped on. p.34-39 Lucille says that her "brother said when you ride home on the bus, kids pour chocolate milk on your head", so Junie B. hides in the closet when it's time to line up to get on the bus and feels like "her brain was squishing out." p.47 While hiding in the media center, Junie B. hears the noise of walking feet and it makes her "scared inside" because she doesn't want to be found. p.61 She hears a "grouchy voice" and gets "very scared inside."

Summary Details For Tobacco/Alcohol/Drugs:

There are no alcohol, tobacco, or drug elements in the book.

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Summary Details For Disrespectful/Anti-Social Elements:

ARGUING AND/OR DISRESPECT p.4 Junie B. “hollered the B part real loud" at her teacher "so she wouldn't forget it." p.6 When she can't get the attention of her mom and teacher, Junie B. stamps her foot and yells, "WHERE'S THE STUPID, SMELLY BUS GOING TO?" p.9 Junie B. talks back to her mom. p.20 Junie B. "folded her arms and made a frown" at her teacher because she "forgot my B again." p.30 "Principal is a baldy." TEASING p.28-29 Jim says “P.U...I smell you” to both Junie B. and Lucille, who sticks her tongue out at him. p.31 "Her name is Junie Bumblebee," said Lucille. EXPRESSIONS OF BAD ATTITUDES p.7, 27, 30 "beat up." p.14 Junie B. "made a face" at the girl who won't share her bus seat with her. p.15 Jim wiped his dad's goodbye kiss off his cheek. p.16, 21, 22, 26 Junie B. says she hates that Jim. p.24 "I HATE THIS STUDID DUMB CIRCLE," Junie hollers when she gets frustrated trying to print her name. p.27 Junie B. "made a fist" at the boy who said "Shhh". p.43 Junie B. stamps her foot.