Rotater 1

Fahrenheit 451


Murder on the Orient Express


Surviving the Applewhites

S. Tolan

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We are:

  • Educators, Authors, Business Owners, Moms and Dads.
  • Avid readers who want our children to enjoy reading.
  • Parents who want to know what our children are reading.
  • Concerned adults who want to help parents and educators be knowledgeable about issues children will face in their reading.

We are a resource for parents, teachers and educators so they can determine if a book may be appropriate for a particular child to read.

We are not:

  • An attempt to censor books.
  • An attempt to remove books from libraries.
  • An attempt to recommend or not recommend books.

We are a resource for parents, teachers, and educators.

  • Has a child experienced a recent divorce in the family?
  • Has a child experienced a death in his family?
  • Has a child been the victim of abuse?
  • Has a child experienced a traumatic accident?
  • These and many other issues are factors to consider in choosing a book that may or may not be right for a child at the moment. At Facts on Fiction, we recognize that each child has special needs.

    • Each child is different. What may scare one child may not faze another.
    • Each child is a member of a family with different values.
    • Each child will not mature equally emotionally and mentally at the same age.